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Associated research centers

Centre d'études médiévales

The Centre d'études médiévales (Centre for Medieval Studies) promotes medieval studies at the Université de Montréal by administering 2 faculty programs, i.e. the Minor and Major in Medieval Studies. It offers courses for students wishing to expand their knowledge of the Middle Ages, touching on the main aspects of medieval societies and the fundamental tools required to delve further into the subject.

These multidisciplinary programs include courses aimed at providing specific skills and knowledge for future medievalists. They offer the opportunity for profound reflection on the different facets of the human experience bequeathed to us by the Middle Ages.


Centre d'études classiques

The mandate of the Centre d'études classiques (Centre for Classical Studies) is to co-ordinate teaching and research activities in the field of classical studies. It administers 3 faculty programs in Classical Studies: a bachelor's degree, a major and a minor.

Students are invited to learn about the 2 ancient Mediterranean civilizations that shaped Western society. Classical studies essentially comprise 3 disciplines:

  • Philology (the study of texts prior to the introduction of printing and publishing)
  • Archaeology
  • Greek and Latin history

Classical studies are imbued with humanism and culture, looking to the past to gain a deeper understanding of today's world and analyze the foundations of our language, thought and origins.