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Undergraduate programs

In collaboration with many other departments and centres affiliated with the University, the Department of History has created rigorous programs as rich and diversified as the discipline itself.

Knowledge of history is an essential part of one's general culture and basic education. It helps us develop intellectual habits including critical thinking, analytical and synthesis skills, and an ability to see things in proportion, to grasp causal relations and understand how events influence one another.

History students should be intellectually curious, enjoy reading and writing, and have an above-average ability to synthesize material.



Job outlook

Studying history gives you a solid cultural background and helps you develop rigorous analytical skills, 2 basic qualities in demand on the labour market. The skills acquired during your studies make you suited to a wide range of positions.

Knowledge of history can lead, for instance, to jobs in archival science and museology. Analytical and written communication skills and a critical mindset also open doors to such careers as:

  • Documentalist
  • Media relations officer
  • Researcher
  • Scriptwriter
  • Journalist
  • Diplomat
  • Press secretary

The public service, private enterprise, tourist organizations and cultural industries that promote heritage and create multimedia products are all interested in historians' knowledge and skills. The same applies to the publishing world.

If you are thinking of teaching high school history, you will have to consider the new bidisciplinary training requirements for teachers set by the Quebec Department of Education. This training is offered by the University's Faculty of Education, in collaboration with our department.

While history opens a great many doors, it is still important to improve your employability by acquiring complementary skills during your undergraduate studies, for instance in foreign languages.